Thursday, 6 May 2010

Another day. . .

Another group of experts for the ReformaTories to dismiss, ignore, or slander.

This time it's 41,000 cops and doctors and nurses and survivors of gun violence.

Supporters of the long-registry have launched a new website. Here's a list of the groups:
The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
The Canadian Police Association
The Canadian Association of Police Boards
The Canadian Public Health Association
The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
The Canadian Association for Adolescent Health
The Canadian Paediatric Society
The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
The Trauma Association of Canada
The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions
The YWCA of Canada

The website is full of facty-logicky stuff -- for example, cops accessed the registry more than 4 million times last year at a cost to us of a buck each time.

Pretty reasonable, eh?

Oh. Did I say 'reasonable'? My bad.

If a program or policy is reasonable -- instead of say, idiotic, counter-productive, regressive, and insanely expensive -- that's enough for these ReformaTories to kill it.

I hate these people. Why can't we get rid of them?

h/t to Scott Tribe for the new website.


Brian said...

Well now don't forget Hoeppner did happpen to find a whole three former Winnipeg SWAT team members to counter the above groups.

"But Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, who tabled the bill, countered with her own news conference featuring three former Winnipeg SWAT team members who say the registry is all but useless."

Of course it doesn't say whether or not they felt it was useless because it is yet to be enforced.

Bina said...

Or because SWAT teams are just macho gun nuts by nature anyway?

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