Sunday, 2 May 2010

And if that one had worked .... (with update)

It has been reported that a SUV, rigged with a home-made explosive device was discovered in Manhattan's Times Square.

The area was evacuated and the vehicle was observed by the police who eventually unrigged the set-up and prevented it from detonating.

I'm making a wild guess that it was a home-skooled, rootin' tootin' maverick member of the Teabagger Hatriots who executed this. He picked the wrong target. The thousands of people walking around Times Square on a Saturday evening are rarely Manhattan residents. They're tourists, residents of some little sun-baked town in the US Bible Belt, walking around and gawking at the sights their preachers tell them is the contemporary version of Sodom and Gomorrah. Had his little stunt worked, he would have taken out hundreds of people who might very well sympathize with the ideology of the Tea Party "Patriots". No doubt flushed with pride about his 'achievement' (and yes, I'm using that word as Sandy Crux does, to fawn over Harper and his Cons) he would have set another one off in LA or perhaps San Francisco.

By the way, I like the delicious irony that it was
a Vietnam vet working at his regular Tshirt vending gig who alerted authorities to the presence of the unoccupied SUV, its engine still running.

And do go read CC's
And if you don't like their principles, they've got others. for some knee-slapping hilarity about rightwing ideologues.

Update: A few rightwing bloggers have seized upon the declaration of an obscure Pakistani sect, going as far as describing their leader Qari Hussain Mehsud as a "top bomb maker" a claim that the NYPD and other law enforcement officials dismiss as bogus, given the group "has a reputation for making far-fetched attempts to take credit for attacks".

We imagine that if a western media organization were to contact Mr Mehsud and ask him if this was connected to South Park, he would happily offer to take credit for blowing up Central Park too.


Anonymous said...

I too am inclined to think that this was a home-grown malcontent. Suicide missions are more commonly seen in foreign violence, whereas the patriot would hope to get away with it. Additionally, a home-grown malcontent would be more likely to build a bomb that doesn't actually work.

Jymn Parrett said...

I see the wingnut blogs are pointing fingers at Muslims as the culprits because of the South Park thing.

fern hill said...

Nutty theory of the week winner: North Korean suicide sub blew up BP oil rig. (It doesn't merit a blogpost, but I thought people reading this one might enjoy it.)

deBeauxOs said...

fern hill - good catch. I may add that as an update to my earlier post about la marée noire in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jymm - Of course they'll point to the Muslims as a pre-emptive tactic to divert attention away from their own.

fern hill said...

Over at the Freaks, they're having a poll. At the moment, 'A Muslim' is tied with 'Son of a prominent Democrat' for the lead over 'A Disgruntled Hispanic'. There are only 3 choices.

croghan27 said...

The second comment, apparently by the creater of the poll, says she added a 'tea bagger' but for some reason it did not appear in the poll.

My comment on that is: "Sure. Sure."

Luna said...

I'd agree wholeheartedly, but why then not go after a government building?

deBeauxOs said...

Security at government buildings must be difficult if not impossible to outsmart these days, unless one has inside help or topnotch equipment. This had all the markings of a low-rent, low-tech crew.

Niles said...

It's Times Square in Manhattan. How long would you have to circle in traffic before you get a parking spot where you need it to be to hit a particular building?

Given how crowded everything is in the area, would any building suffer more than all the pedestrian/vehicular congestion in the street? I find it interesting the news is emphasizing 'white man' in all the reports. Not 'caucasian appearing man' but 'white man' as if it's getting a message out to those who can't understand 'caucasian'.

I have to admit, the narrative and vehicular IED immediately said OK City to me rather than anything else, but at this point I'm cynical enough to think it was more homebrewed American militia stuff, with geniuses thinking they can start the race war by making a 'hit' on degenerate liberal Manhattan and "South Park" and getting the Muslims blamed. It's not like similar ideas haven't been floated in white power circles before as detailed by the SPLC.

If it is militia/white power related, the irony that they should feel justified in blowing things up in NYC is gargantuan, and yet, so in keeping.

deBeauxOs said...

Other facts that gives pause, with regard to those responsible, is the explosive device had a crude timer - the driver did not plan to die while doing this - as well as the amateurish materials used.

If it was a teabagger, the effort displays the same quality as the protest signs held up at their demos.

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