Tuesday, 27 April 2010

And when he got behind closed doors ...

Stevie Spiteful was able to unleash his temper tantrum.

The sound of glass breaking and windows shattering, followed by howls, screeching, barking mad yips of rage and the drumming of heels against the floor was heard by those cowering outside his office.

I can just imagine the items needing repair: rugs with bite marks, computer cables chewed to bits, walls gouged with deep grooves, furniture smashed.

No wonder Harper was absent from the House of Commons when
Speaker Milliken gave his ruling.


ck said...

3...2...1...Do you hear the sound of the Blogging tories spontaneously having a collective whine-fest??

Now watch them all run and scramble about our national security being in danger just because the opposition parties had the audacity to well...be oppositional!

thwap said...

I'm so glad that somebody finally kicked fat steve in his balls.

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