Sunday, 7 March 2010

This is what TheoCon maternal healthcare looks like -- UPDATE

I was wondering what happened to Amalia, the pregnant Nicaraguan woman who has cancer. Doctors were afraid to treat her because it might harm or kill the fetus and expose them to the draconian law prohibiting abortion for any reason.

Her case was to be reviewed by a panel of some sort.

No follow-up in the English press but I found this, alas in Spanish.

I ran it through Babel Fish and got the gist, but being the responsible blogger I am, I wanted to make sure. So I zipped the link to Beijing York, who translated the relevant bit:
Despite international and national pressure from various human rights groups - arguing that women should have the right to abort in order to save their lives, the Nicaraguan Medical Association produced a statement saying (more or less):

"An abortion is not going to cure this woman of her cancer or metastasis, for which she needs to receive appropriate treatment, be it curative or palliative and ensure her quality of life."

After 10 days of debates from when she first entered the medical system at 12 weeks gestation, the doctors have agreed to start chemotherapy.

First, Amalia had to sign a form taking full responsibility should any harm come to her fetus during the treatment now that the medical team has stated that they would not perform an abortion.

On Feb 26, the Health Ministry approved the chemotherapy. The doctors officially advised that the fetus would be impacted and might not survive the treatments.

According to some doctors (who remained anonymous), this young woman has very little chance of recovering from her cancer. The Ministry had no comment.

So. There. Dead woman. Dead fetus.

And she gets to torture herself for whatever time remains for her with thoughts of what the chemotherapy is doing to her fetus. After all, she was forced to take 'full responsibility' for it.

Could it be any more twisted?

And this is the kind of no-abortion, no-contraception, no-family-planning maternal healthcare that Motherhood Steve is promoting for poor countries.

In our name.


ck said...

Oh my Gawd! that's awful!! Scary! Makes me thankful I don't live in such countries.

I would like to see how Suzy ALLCAPSLOCK from Big Blue Fetus try to justify this one.

Mandos said...

Why? She would have no trouble justifying it, as awful as it is. In her world, suffering is OK as long as you didn't pull the trigger; in fact, for her, it's your duty to make them suffer.

Beijing York said...

Suzy ALLCAPSLOCK probably thinks Amalia is a selfish cow for even seeking chemotherapy. Sad irony is that without it she and the fetus would probably die within a few months. But the likes of Suzy ACL would rather see a funeral with two coffins than one.

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