Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sterility Tax

Now this is a genius idea from one of our fave fetus fetishists, Mr Kicking Abortion's Ass.
No children? No work force. Unsustainable social programs. Economic collapse.

It’s time for Western goverments to consider a sterility tax for all of the free-loaders who expect “the government” to pay for their entitlements without the necessary workforce to support those entitlements.

I say…

500% tax on contraceptives.

Major tax incentives for families who have many children. The more children you have, the less tax you pay. A future workforce, after all, is essential to the growth and continued existence of the State.

Sterilization and masturbation, we are finding out, have their own social and economic costs. And they are not unsubstantial.

Even some of the Freaks think it's a bad idea.

And what about teh Gays? They don't need no steenking contraception. How are they going to pay for their 'entitlements' in this new Republic of Gilead?

Mr KAA may be a good Catlick truly concerned for the souls of us sterile heathens, but I'm thinking he may be more than a little motivated by this report today from StatsCan.
About one-third of Canada's population -- or 14.4 million people -- will be a visible minority within three decades, Statistics Canada projects -- that's more than double the 5.3 million visible minorities counted in 2006.


The percentage of foreign-born people in Canada is projected to grow about four times faster than the rest of the population between now and 2031. That would mean the total proportion of foreign-born people would account for between 25 and 28 per cent of Canada's population, or up to 12.5 million.

Me, I don't care who pays for my entitlements or what colour their skin is. Other people, it seems, do.


JJ said...

That's freaking hilarious. Good catch.

deBeauxOs said...

Shorter Mr Kicking Abortion's Ass, also known as John 'My Own Private Taliban' Pacheco:"Won't somebody think about the white christian sperm holocaust?"

JJ said...

He must have just done his tax return:

"The more children you have, the less tax you pay."

That's already the way it is -- dependents are tax exemptions. What, he wants even more??

Mark Francis said...

How does he intend to tax masturbation, and are priests exempt?

MgS said...

Good grief - that one adds a whole new dimension to the insanity of the moralizing wingnuts.

brebis noire said...

I clicked the link. Didn't get past the first sentence:
"From my good friend SUZANNE (is there any other?)"

No other friend than SUZANNE? That would explain a lot.

fern hill said...

Mark Francis: LOL. And yeah, that's a poser.

MgS: I keep thinking they can't get any crazier or more offensive. Then they do.

JJ said...

I think there should be a 500% tax on child-molesting catholic priests.

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