Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm depressed

Go read Gerald Caplan and you will be too.

A taste:
Oh Canada. Do the travails of our closest historic allies give us comfort? Will the Olympic-sized burst of patriotism give us solace in the face of an impossible political conundrum? We may be stuck with the Harper government forever, once the Prime Minister prorogues the next election. The opposition can't risk defeating him because neither the Liberals nor NDP are likely to benefit at all from another election. So Stephen Harper is left with a virtually free hand to do as he chooses, some of which is quite clear.


Geordie Tom said...

Don't blame Mr. Harper for the lack of Liberal support in Canada. If enough people supported LPC the LPC would call an election. Even if this would only give them a minority they would still rule with the backing of the NDP. The fact is that the Conservative Party will continue to govern until the LPC can resolve its own problems and produce POLICY that canadians approve of.Maybe a new leader would be a step in the right direction?

FFIB NAMOL said...

Cheer up and forget about that damn lack of Liberal resolve that has apparently caused the torturing of prisoners.

It's springtime in TO.

ck said...

If only there was a way the grass roots (us, yanno) can all write our Liberal MPs, convincing them to all show up to vote in droves against that budget in order to oust Iggy with 'legitimacy'. Here's why:

Once again, I think it's up to us. Writing these clowns would be an excellent start.

Any ideas?

And FFIB NAMOL: Blaming the Liberals is passe. Liberal Derangement syndrome is getting old & tired. Liberals must not be that concerned about skeletons in their closet:

Any questions?

Beijing York said...

This para brought the point home to me:

"But the law 'n order campaign itself has worked. It's conned Canadians into believing there's reason to be afraid. For the first time in years, a majority of Canadians approve the death penalty, a coarsening of public sensibilities that seemed almost impossible. Capital punishment, ending of the long gun registration, accusations of treason against those who don't support war in Afghanistan, allowing prisoners of war to be tortured and covering it up – Sarah Palin, here we are!"

It's social engineering from the right as Dobbin's describes:

Harper's assault on democracy
By Murray Dobbin
March 3, 2010

I was aghast when I read a recent Winnipeg Free Press poll where >60% wanted to see capital punishment re-instated.

This is NOT my Canada!

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