Monday, 15 March 2010

Frank Iacobucci and the Ides of March.

There is really no reason why former Supreme Court Justice Iacobucci would accept the Harper mission.

Except for the munnee - though various descriptions of
his illustrious career indicate he made an early decision to forgo a lucrative practice of corporate law in Manhattan in favour of education and public service.

Surely the former judge knows that the theocratic ReformaTory government and its bullies are trying to buy time in order to delay any scrutiny regarding their actions on the Afghanistan detainee procedures as well as to purchase Iacobucci's credibility?

He'd do well to remember the words of Julius Caesar's wife, uttered on this fateful day, over 2,000 years ago.

"Don't go there, Franky, don't go!" - paraphrased ever so slightly from this famous
Wayne & Shuster skit.

Enjoy life, Frank. Avoid the aggravation this inquiry will bring you.

Have a martinus. What the hell ... have two!


Emily Dee said...

I don't like this one bit. They just want to delay until the fall then call an election, so they never have to deal with it. It's wrong on every level possible.

fern hill said...

All together now!

Franky, don't go!

Skinny Dipper said...

Frank Iacobucci may be a nice man. He may be a former Supreme Court justice. However, he is just a private citizen like you and I. If he can look at the documents, why can't I? Why can't our MPs look at them?

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