Friday, 12 March 2010

Catch 22

This is a great idea -- Catch 22 Harper Conservatives.

From the brand-spanky-new website:
Had enough of the Conservatives, their political gamesmanship and abuse of power? We've seen this government side-step Parliament through prorogation, committee boycotts and stonewalling. We've witnessed unprecedented secrecy, limits on media access, brinkmanship, and outright untruths. Without real consequences for these abuses, why should we expect any change from our politicians?

The grassroots organizers have been working on this for a while, analyzing voting records to come up with 22 vulnerable ReformaTory seats.

Go to the site and see if your MP -- or one near you -- is on the list and find out how you can help.

Spread the word.


the regina mom said...

Palliser is me!!! And we've got a great candidate -- Noah Evanchuk -- to go up against the old boy incumbent.

The t'other SK seat is where Nettie Wiebe ran and lost by just a few votes. Personally, I also think that Tom Lukiwski's seat is up for grabs, but the NDP have failed, repeatedly, to get a really good candidate to run there.

fern hill said...

They won't know what hit them if the regina mom gets her networks humming. ;)

the regina mom said...

fern hill, you are *so* good for my self concept!

If Lizzie May's peeps would step out of the way, the good candidates would be shoe-ins...

Beijing York said...

Dammit, I was hoping Rod Bruinooge was on the list for the Prairies. Shelley Glover is typical Reformatory fodder but is not nearly as obnoxious as Rod brother of MASSIVE POLL Allan Bruinooge, who operates KLRVU Research.

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