Friday, 5 February 2010

That Abortion Gambit/Gauntlet

Jane Taber asks 'Will Michael Ignatieff's abortion gambit work?'.

I'd say yes, it's working quite nicely.
Calgary Bishop Fred Henry on Friday called Mr. Ignatieff’s proposal “pathetic,” while on Thursday Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto labelled the Liberal leader’s position on abortion and the developing world “sad.”

Really. That's the best they got.

DAMMIT JANET! and Antonia Zerbisias are enjoying the hell out of this.

Here's AZ summing it up:
The irony is, the Con men are caught between a rock and a hard place here. If they say they don't want to re-open the abortion debate -- as if it ever closed -- they'll anger their socially regressive base. If they do start talking about abortion, and let all those caucus members, overwhelmingly anti-choice, start yapping, then the Cons will drive away the fiscal conservatives who are socially progressive.


BONUS TRACK: More from AZ.

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CK said...

I think Iggy's abortion gambit is working just fine as well.

He wasn't talking off the cuff there. Something tells me that Donolo pretty much calls the shots before Iggy does something these days; especially with something as explosive as abortion.

Members of his own party have also come out not liking Iggy's abortion gambit, but that too shall pass... Remember the gay marriage issue? Liberal legislation, yet half of its' members came out speaking against it. They moved past it.

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