Sunday, 21 February 2010

Olympic Hockey = NHL Hockey? Screw That.

I was so looking forward to Olympic hockey -- men's and women's. I am a life-long fan, but am kinda weird in that I don't pay attention to trades and rules and hype. Like Chance said, I just like to watch.

Tonight, Canada v. USA. Men's.

It was a pretty boring game between two middling-skill NHL teams.

Because it was all NHL style. Same ice size, same rules.

Changes from previous tournaments

The 2010 tournament marks the first time since NHL players have been allowed to compete that the Olympics will be held in a city with an NHL team. For the first time, Olympic games will be played on a narrower NHL-sized ice rink, measuring 61 m × 26 m (200 ft × 85 ft), instead of the international size of 61 m × 30 m (200 ft × 98.4 ft). This change is expected to save $10 million (CAD) in construction costs and allow more spectators to attend games.

This will also be the first Olympics in which the four-official system, with two referees and two linesmen, will be used during the men's tournament.[2] The NHL began using the two-referee system in the 1998–99 season,[2] while the IIHF first started using it in its major men's championship tournaments in the 2008 IIHF World Championship.[3] However, for the women's tournament in Vancouver, the IIHF still plans to only use the standard three-official system with one referee and two linesmen, saying that the four-official system is not currently needed in women's international hockey.

Who knew?

The fun of Olympic hockey used to be not just the jingoism. But watching the hot-shit stars of the NHL deal with bigger ice, different rules.

It's official. I'm done with the fucking Olympics.


West End Bob said...

It's official. I'm done with the fucking Olympics.

As are we here in BC and especially Vancouver, fh . . . .

deBeauxOs said...

Were you able to catch some of the women's hockey games, fh? The quality and skill level was notably superior to the men's Owe-lympic teams.

I saw some bits of the men's hockey and it was just as terrible as the regular NHL, imho. All aggression, little skill.

fern hill said...
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fern hill said...

I saw some of the game in which the Canadian women beat the crap out of somebody. I had to turn it off when it got to 400 to 0. I mean, really. They should have let up at around 200 to zip. It was embarrassing for everyone.

fern hill said...

Ha. That's the first time I've deleted a comment after it's appeared. I didn't know it would show up like that.

It had a tpyo in it.

Mrs. Bitch said...

Shoot, Fern, never explain! Let people wonder what you could have possibly said that was so offensive that you were mortified enough to delete it. Nyuk, nyuk.

Oh, yeah, in the spirit of trying to keep my comments on topic, I don't watch the Olympics. (runs, shrieking for mercy)

fern hill said...

Thanks, Mrs. Bitch. That's what I'll do next time.

Anonymous said...

you are reading my thoughts - hockey on nhl rinks has absolutely zero creativity, no skill, no passes, tons of blocked shots, passes, poor shots from desperate positions seeking rebounds. Surely the best players in the world could have shown more at the olympics on wide rinks, the low space is killing talented players,,

fern hill said...

Indeed. That's the fun of Olympic hockey. Seeing super stars really stretch themselves.

It was interesting, though, to see the women play on the smaller ice.

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