Sunday, 14 February 2010

Oh. Look. Another Shiny Desperate Thing

Totally despicable photo-opportunism.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has made relief and reconstruction for Haiti a major cause for his government, will travel to the earthquake-ravaged nation on Monday to see the recovery efforts firsthand.

I sooooooo want this goon gone.

If you agree, put your chequebook where your heart and mind are.

And if the MSM had any integrity, they'd ignore it.

Yeah. I know. Fat chance.


Anonymous said...

Will his tour guide be the GG? No, he'll use the opportunity to snub her again.

Tommies said...

If he goes to the Olympics-it's a photo-op, if he goes to Haiti-it's a photo-op?????????????I'm sure we could all think of a better place for a photo-op than Haiti right now. So negative!!!

Bina said...

I can think of the perfect photo-op for him: Handing in his resignation.

Niles said...

I expect the Haiti trip will be utilized to say that he didn't use the proroguing thing just to go see the Olympics. See? Very Important Tragic Business on his plate.

I wonder if they'll pose earthmovers behind him while he rolls up his sleeves and looks serious. This does seem more like a replay of Bush visiting New Orleans.

It would be nice if the GG went. She's got the big ties to the place and can really relate. That would be Canada visiting, not the PM.

CanNurse said...

Maybe he went because the Olympics wasn't paying enough attention to HIM. I thought he looked pretty disgruntled in the box at the Opening Ceremonies - Nobody was paying attention to him & he didn't even get to make a speech, but some other nobodies did (from Stevie's perspective). Too many athletes & bigwigs at the Games. Nobody worth photographing is in Haiti, he thinks, so he'll go there & create fabulous photo-ops. Puhleez! Does ANYONe believe ANYTHING this man does or says?

900ft Jesus said...

Tomm, too bad Steve is more interested in photo ops than in running a democratic Parliament.

Besides, money spent on security for Mr. Big, money spent on his photo an PR team, money spent coordinating his...visit could be better spent on, you know, actually helping those devastated by the earthquake.

Give it up. Only blind CONs are buying this blatant, nauseating attention grabber for anything but self-serving, pompous, self-promotion.

That he is disrupting valid aid efforts and attempting to boost his own image on the misery of others makes this all the more disgusting.

He's a pig. Anyone who supports his pig ways is either incredibly stupid, or a pig as well.

Anonymous said...

More pix for Stevie teh Narcissist's photo gallery.

Some day soon all will be back to normal in the House of Commons, the photos of past prime ministers who were more productive than Stevie has ever been will be restored to their rightful place in the portrait gallery.

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