Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Da Woims Toin!

Woo. A conservative blogger gives the CPC and Harper a big-time SMACK-DOWN, titled 'Why the CPC will lose the next election'. Fun read.

My fave bit:
But, given the Harper penchant for partisan guttersnipe politics, you can’t blame Canadians for just lumping the “cons” in with all the rest. And, come next election, I predict a trouncing of the CPC, where voters will pick the real deal ... the Liberal Party of Canada instead of the fake version, the Liberal Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper. All the Beatles’ tunes in the world aren’t going to save us; and lord help us if the LPC ever finds a leader with a pulse.

They're discussing it at Free Dominion and my Facebook friend Connie Fournier had this to contribute (emphasis mine, I couldn't resist):
I think they are going to lose next election, too. And it makes me really angry.

Instead of using the past four years to make worthwhle political change in this country, the Harper-led CPC has patted us on the head and told us to "wait for a majority".

Well, if we lose the next election, Stephen Harper will go down as the biggest loser in Canadian political history, and we will go down as the biggest suckers.

All of us worked our fingers to the bone for a chance to put someone in the PMO who would do politics differently. The grassroots were betrayed by a bunch of smug, condescending suits who thought that the game was more important than good governance.

If Stephen Harper loses this election, we will have gotten zero return for all of our work. And, if he has any grace at all, he'll go hide his head in shame.

Don't you just love the smell of imploding ReformaTories in the morning?


CanNurse said...

Good news! It's been SOooo long since I heard any good news. Gives me a faint hope for our survival.

Anonymous said...

The CPC will lose the next election because they have "PMS" syndrome (i.e. Proroguing Minister Steve syndrome, what did you think I mean?). lol

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I understand how upset many of the people who supported Mr Harper must be right now. He campaigned on a platform of accountability, responsibility and changing politics, and he's doing what every bad government in Canada has ever done -- centralized power in the PMO, avoided accountability and played partisan games.

He's a lousy leader.

I had a lot of respect for the former Progressive Conservative party, and I deplore the loss of that great party as much as Reform/Alliance supporters must deplore the loss of their own unique party.

Mr Harper has made a nasty mess of everything, and conservatives of all stripes will be paying for it for years to come.

Chrystal Ocean said...

It's nice to see such discussion happening. It's been going on for quite awhile but has escalated since Prorogation 2.0.

chris said...

You might win a prize for this over at CC's.

"...first we need a leader who can sell it." to people who clearly DO NOT WANT IT! Good luck with that.

So Harper continues in the footsteps of Dubya. Remember the '08 meme, conservatism didn't fail, Dubya failed conservatism. The teabaggers came out of that.
doG knows what we'll get here in Canada.

fern hill said...

Chris, teabaggers. *shiver* Our wingnuts show as little attachment to reality as theirs, but I don't think ours are quite so insane.

For a while at the Facebook page, while the numbers were zooming up and there was kind of a euphoria in the air, people there were saying teabaggery kinda things, like 'Let's take back our country'. Made me kind of uncomfortable.

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