Monday, 11 January 2010

Why does Jonathan Kay hate Olympic-hopeful female athletes?

From Dr Dawg, we learn that Kay may have experienced some form of intellectural melt-down, standing on his hind legs and baying at B'nai Brith.

Full disclosure: we at DAMMIT JANET! find the writing of Kay mère and Kay son to be dedicated to the unimaginative and humourless re-hashing of their pet peeves. In their haste to attack anything and everything which remotely suggests feminism, they have respectively parroted the most inane clichés.

But Kay's lashing out at B'nai Brith is perplexing. Perhaps there's something so Aryan, so Germanic about female ski athletes that it triggered a MASSIVE head-on crash between two conflicting beliefs he held. He and his mother did not contribute to coffers and war chests that should be only dedicated to the campaign to fight anti-semitism, in order to see these resources squandered on the fight that female skiers are waging against the IOC.

No matter that perhaps one of these athletes, if not more, must somehow be connected to causes near and dear to B'nai Brith, in order to have been granted its institutional support.

Competitive, muscled, Jewish women ski jumping? Not at home breeding babies as they should?!?! Shrieeeek!!!! In Kay's porn dreams perhaps, but not on the slopes and certainly not in the Olympics.

He must have experienced an epic melt-down, much as the character Ash did in Alien.

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