Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tech Advice Needed: Twitchy Mouse

This is driving me batty.

This computer (i-Mac) has been moved twice in the last 9 months. First time, fine. This time, weird. The mouse seems to have become super sensitive. Like, I breathe on it and my screen divides into howevermany windows are open and the background goes dark.

Do I need a new mouse? Is this a symptom of something else horrible about to happen?



deBeauxOs said...

Can you open a menu for options/settings and see what you got for the mouse.

You know how you can adjust your keyboard for speed, intensity of finger punch, etc. etc.?

Is there something you can do to adjust your mouse?

fern hill said...

TechnoDolt figured it out!

This fancy schmancy mouse has side thingies one can squeeze. When I do, all the open windows appear on the screen at once. They must have become more sensitive (or dirty maybe?) because it seemed to be happening randomly even though I thought I was being careful not to squeeze.

I went to System Preferences and turned the bloody thingies off.

There. Fixed.

Lord, I'm an ijit sometimes.

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