Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stevie the Spiteful, Brand New Friend of Women, Except Canadian Ones

I've been a bad blogger. There are a bunch of things I want to catch up on but first some news about Stevie Spiteful's government, you know, those great, brand-new friends of women, well, as long as they aspire only to baby-making.

That great investigative organization, the Catlick Church reveals that the ReformaTories have been slashing grants to the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, formerly Planned Parenthood.
An Interim investigation has found that over the past half decade, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health has had its federal government grants cut by more than 99 per cent.

The federation, formerly the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada and still the Canadian member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, has charitable status, according to the Canada Revenue Agency. The CFSH says on its website that it “promote(s) sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and abroad.” It also admits being a “pro-choice organization.”

There are some details on federal funding under the most-abortion-loving PMs evah, Chretien and Martin, then this (note date):
Beginning in 2007, grants from the federal government began to decrease as it received $743,745. Its expenditures fell to $1,655,249.

In 2008, grants totaled $482,498 while its expenditures dipped to $1,467,005, about a million dollars less than it spent just three years earlier.

In 2009, total grants were $9,381. The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health’s expenditures last year totalled $815,153. Federal grants accounted for just 1.1 per cent of its spending.

Oooo. Look who's taking credit. That misogynist homophobic gang with the galling name:
For years, REAL Women has made presentations to the finance committee’s pre-budget hearings, asking for cuts to special interest groups, including Planned Parenthood and its reincarnation as the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health.

Those damned special interest groups, you know, like women.

What I want to know is -- WTF? And -- why haven't we heard about this from CFSH? And -- or the media?

h/t SUZY ALLCAPS. Pssst, SUZY, if you guys didn't gloat about stuff like this, obviously, we regular people would never find out about it.


deBeauxOs said...

Some political observers are wondering if Stevie will attach abstinence and anti-abortion conditions to CIDA funding of women's projects, to satisfy his fundamentalist religious supporters.

chris said...

And his own fundamentalist faith. Steve and (whodathunkit?) Preston Manning are members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Steve attends every week according to his Wikipedia page.
More money for third world women and children will have to be disbursed somehow. Sure hope Steve has a plan.

Good post, Fern. Thanks for the depressing news.
I read the article at The Interim. After reading the last two paragraphs I had to remind myself, again, those people are human beings too...I think. Maybe...

Pseudz said...

I'm thinking that maybe the zealotry is getting away from them - that maybe the Cons are letting more than a bit too much of the cat outta the bag before having the majority that would have us all living in a weekly serial of 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

The CAPP phenomenon might have caused the PMO enough alarm to try to pull women back up from under the bus for a coupla photo ops. "OOO look - a shiny thing". But it seems to me that the moves they're making are pretty awkward - thinly veiled - obvious - not fooling anyone - glaringly opportunistic - and probably, for their purposes, counter-productive. Where is the damned 5th estate? Am I missing something?

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