Monday, 25 January 2010

'Put this lightning in a bottle'

That's what the pollster-guy said on CBC's The Current this morning on the weekend's rallies. He was talking about how Obama married the power of the Intertoobs to an inspirational message and leader. (And how's that going for you, Merka?)

So, who can do it here? Jack? Too smarmy for many, including me. Iggy? Mr. Torture Lite? No way. Lizzie 'Nuance R Us' May? In some bizarre parallel universe, maybe.

So, who?

Short answer: We got nuthin' and nobody.

The only thing that could possibly boot the Harpocons is a coalition AND deals among the opposition parties to run ONE strong candidate against the Cons in each riding.

For one election.

Harper will be gone. The ReformaTories will be in disarray. Then the Libs, Dippers, Greenies, and Bloquists can go back to their partisan games.

One election.


Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament still growing -- now 216, 131 -- and pissed at all the dismissive coverage the rallies are getting.

Harness the wrath, the passion, the engagement, the energy.

Put this lightning in a bottle.


Jymn Parrett said...

You said it, "we got nuthin' and nobody". A coalition is our salvation. But it ain't gonna happen. Iggy won't go for it.

jmburton said...

I am afraid that I have to agree with Jymn... the Libs only do coalition work when it props them up and gives nothing to the other parties - sure they'll pass progressive laws and measures that they then dismantle over the years as they revert to form - but coalition up front - neh - never happen.

900ft Jesus said...

hard to make it happen, but this anti-prorogation thing shows what networking can do, so maybe we can push in that direction. Or strategic voting, at least. More people will be paying attention this time around. I really think we need to control and direct the lightning. Not a decent leader out there, too self-serving.

fern hill said...

Both Jack and Iggy have a lot to answer for.

But, yeah, I don't suppose it would happen.

One thing I am going to do -- Write to my MP, Olivia Chow, and tell her that if the NDP props up this government one more time, they've lost me forever. And I'm a member, worker, and financial contributor.

Wouldn't it be good if all Liberals would say the same to their MPs?

Phyl said...

The biggest thing Jack has to answer for is, swelled up with a sense of his own power, bringing down the Martin Liberal minority government just because he could. I lay all the wretchedness that's happened afterward at his door. Even though, in essence, I prefer the NDP policies to most others. *sigh*

CK said...

I always felt a coalition was our only salvation. But, better than that, I think it's time for the Liberals and the NDP to merge. Take a page from the Harpercons (ironically enough) and merge.

Remember, Chretien won majorities with less than 40% of the vote; with a strong showing by the Bloc Quebecois. Why? Because the Right was split.

I think we now have the same problem: the divided left.

Reality is that the NDP will never govern. They didn't get a chance back in the 70s when Canadians were more progressive than they are today.

Iggy won't go for it."

Never say never. When push comes to shove; he may well have to agree with coalition or merger.

Look at it this way. The Liberals started back to work today, and I think that has to do with so many Canadians writing their MPs.

Alone, the best Iggy can hope for is a minority situation, which wouldn't be the end of the world; he would be up for a leadership review at some point and probably end up resigning anyhow.

Over here, in Montreal, on CJAD, I want to throttle the mid morning people; Tommy Schnurmacher, classic example of extreme religion gone horribly wrong. Along with Don Crook (Dan Cook) and Kimmy 'Oh Stevie is so Dreamy' Fraser are not only belittling our efforts and using their delusions to villify the Liberals for showing up to work; something most Canadians wanted int he first place.

The question is: how do we make even more noise than the likes of Corporate Harpercon right arm media? And how do we keep it up throughout the Olympics?

Kevin said...

Geez guys. To hell with taking over power. Just force an election. Probably the Cons will lose a lot of seats even if they still end up with a minority. If that happens, 3 minorities in a row, you can bet the knives will be out for Harper from his own party.

fern hill said...

Kevin: yeah, fine with me.

Fucking pols keep saying 'no one wants an election'. EVERYONE I know desperately wants an election.

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