Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kate McGarrigle

I can chart some of the great moments of my young womanhood by the Kate and Anna song that I was playing "Over and over and over 'til the words come tumbling out of my head."

This witty song, of gorgeous musical texture and complexity, captured a poignant moment of later years.

Kate McGarrigle - a generous musician, a consummate artist, a mother and an inspiration to multitudes because in every human heart there's an artist waiting to create joy in Her image.


penlan said...

Sad day. I remember when Kate & Anna just started out playing the coffee houses in Montreal back in the 1960's & had a group called The Mountain City Four. There was a whole bunch of us who hung out together including them. Those were great days.
Thanks for the vid.

fern hill said...

Damn. There was a comment by Balbulican that I accidently rejected while rejecting some spam.

Sorry, Balb, come back and post again.

(More coffee.)

Balbulican said...

I can't exactly remember, but it was late last night, and I had just finished listening to Matapedia, and I was thinking how surprised I was that Kate's death had affected me, and so many of us, as much as it had. Just kept remembering those concerts and those songs, and humming, and tearing up.

She/they were such a low key, unspectacular, friendly presence in my musical life that it was a shock to realize how much they mattered, just how talented and deep and completely unique they had been. And what a wonderful summation of it all they left behind in "The McGarrigle Hour", and what a legacy in their recordings and the new generation of McGarrigles.

deBeauxOs said...

eh. I left a msg for Balbulican that my virtual roomie's virtual dog ate his comment.

Here are two YouTubes, one that features Kate with a group of equally accomplished singers and musicians, performing the haunting melody "Hard Times". this one has an ensemble of McGarrigles and family members and friends, done about 10 years or more ago or so, I'd guess.

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