Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What's next? Holding their breath until they turn blue?

Oh wait. They already are. ReformaTory Con job blue.

This morning I heard a most revolting, though predictable, interview on Radio-Canada. Daniel Petit, MP for Charlebourg-Haute-Saint-Charles was asked why his Conservative colleagues did not attend the scheduled meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Afghanistan. His rote answer - in reply to every question - was that they would not allow the Canadian troops to be dirtied by the opposition's accusation that they are war criminals. Over and over again. The interviewer tried to get a truthful response in spite of Petit's broken record technique. "Why do your MPs disrespect Parliament and the electorate who expect them to do their job?"

Second verse, same as the first from Petit: "We will not allow our brave soldiers to be dirtied by such accusations." Petit stonewalled his way through the exchange, clutching the party line and waving it like a flag bespoiled by fatuous spin doctors in the Con ranks.

One tactic I doubt Stevie Spiteful and his Harpocrites would ever use is the hunger strike. Look at that rotund assembly of sleek double-chinned wonders. One week without food and they're grilling Senator Porky Pig on a spit.

Update: Daniel Petit is the political equivalent of a sock-puppet; at all times you're aware that somebody off-stage is pulling the strings, especially the one that triggers the scripted blather-loop.

There's so much more of course, to the dog-and-pony show. C.C. nails it in his post: Brave, brave, brave Sir Stephen. As does Balbulican, here.


Greg said...

Maybe the correct response is, "We will not allow you to insult our brave soldiers by blaming them for your war crimes.".

FFIB NAMOL said...

A slight correction to your Update. I don't believe that sock puppets have strings attached, they are basically manipulated by having their controller's fist shoved up their ......

deBeauxOs said...

eh. That's correct.

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