Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Three Wise Women

... are challenging Ireland's inhumane abortion laws.

The three ... all left their homes in Ireland to have abortions in Britain. Identified only by the letters A, B and C because of the risk of imprisonment in Ireland, they are supported in their case by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service and the Irish Family Planning Association. Ireland’s abortion law dates from 1861, and bans the procedure except where there is a risk to the life of the mother, including that of suicide. An estimated 140,000 women have crossed the Irish Sea for abortions in the past 30 years, with the number presently running at an average of 6,000 a year. ...

The women were not in court in Strasbourg, but their lawyer, Julie Kay, said that anyone undergoing an abortion in Ireland “is legally bound to life in prison, an horrific perspective”. The women, who all experienced medical complications on their return to Ireland, said that the ban made the procedure expensive, complicated and traumatic.

“The restriction stigmatised and humiliated them; risked damaging their health; and, in the third applicant’s case; even her life,” Ms Kay said.


Meanwhile in Italy, despite opposition from the Vatican Taliban and members of Berlusconi's government, the sale of RU486 also known as the abortion pill has been authorised. However, unlike most other EU countries, the pill can only be administered in hospitals.

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fern hill said...

I've been reading comments at a couple of Irish and UK sites. Decriminalizing abortion seems to have strong support. And it's interesting to see how many people bring up the corruption in the Catlick Church as a reason to disregard the bastids entirely. :D

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