Saturday, 26 December 2009

Small blessings.

Thank gawd JJ posted this. I considered blogging about it, anticipating that fundamentalist catholic religious zealots would claim that the woman was some hairy-legged feminist and/or a pagan self-abortionist whose mind had snapped because Bay-bee Jay-Zeus asleep in the manger forever & ever reminded her that she was now barren.

One should be grateful that Pope Maledict's stalker only seemingly wanted to cuddle him and that she eschewed the tactic Berlusconi's rabid fan used to get his attention. Following the "logic" of that stealth approach - smacking a cheap statuette of Milan's gothic cathedral the Duomo into the Italian PM's face - one can only imagine how Ratzy's daemon lover, possibly armed with an effigy of la Cicciolina, might have wielded it.

Ah, Italy! The passion! The politics!

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