Saturday, 12 December 2009

Shriek! My parents turned me into a rightwing zombie!

That seems to be the core message of Raphael Alexander's, oops, Adrian MacNair's blogpost about global warming. Notice how the title parrots Christopher Monkton's verbal defamation of the young climate change activists who challenged him in Copenhagen?

MacNair also blames his parents for forcing him to attend anti-nuclear weapons demos and consequently turning him into an individual repelled by progressive values.

During the fifties, on television and in schools across the country, Diefenbaker's government used graphic visuals - mushroom clouds, skin and flesh melting to reveal the skullbones beneath - to impress the public with the urgency of war preparedness. It instilled in my parents a life-long need to keep an overstocked pantry but I can't say it traumatized me to the point I now run screaming from the supermarket whenever I see shelves crammed full of canned goods.

MacNair singles out the evulness of this particular video. He appears absolutely enraged - ENRAGED! - that innocent children could be exploited thus and on their behalf, mothers are challenging the premise of an economy based on the complete depletion of our planet's resources.

I know how he feels. It turns my stomach whenever I see MacNair's hero, Stevie Spiteful using babies in his election photos and video propaganda opportunities.

With any luck, MacNair's children will likely reject their father's rank and rabid, passive-agressive, rightwing socon politics as he rejected his parents political activism.


Anonymous said...

I read that post too following a link from Red Tory's site. Adrian's comments are quite pathetic, especially the bit about how he didn't get that fine book learnin' those know it alls have but discovered the truth through toiling at "minimum wage" jobs.

While he had his pants down I was tempted to leave a comment asking him why, with his apparent intellect, he would be working minimum wage jobs? I think his socon pals would castigate him for his blatant lack of ambition. Then again I don't know too many construction jobs (the type he claims to labour at) that pay anything remotely as low as minimum wage.

By the way, did you catch the part where he defended Afghanistan's "democratically elected" government? Maybe he should stop hammering nails with his forehead.

deBeauxOs said...

MacNair claims to be a tradesman, but his attitude towards work gives the impression he's a major slacker with a chip on his shoulder.

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