Saturday, 19 December 2009

The People are Revolting!

Omigawd. Go to Canadian Cynic and check out CC's Viscount First Lord Twatrick-on-Dingleberry Monckton gets his comeuppance. Harumph.

His link will take you to TBogg's blogpost about Viscount Monckton, the ersatz leader of the Climate Change Denialists, telling the sad tale of his run-in with the forces of order, outside the conference centre where the UN global gathering unfolded.

Monckton, who looks like a un-handsome aged Mr Bean, bleats on and on about the unceremonious handling he gets from the Copenhagen riot police. Remember, in this context, he is a demonstrator, a protester in fact because the organizers have revoked the accreditation of most of the observers from non-governmental groups.

A choice quote from the Viscount:

"To assault an accredited representative of a conference your nation is hosting, and to do it while your own police cameramen are filming from above, and to do it without any provocation except my polite, non-threatening request that I should not be manhandled ..."
You get the picture; Monckton, oozing entitlement from every body orifice, is outraged, nay, OUTRAGED!!! at this travesty of democracy.

There's more to be read about Viscount Climate Change Denialist but it's noteworthy to mention that in 1999, he launched a highly profitable product called the Eternity Puzzle. The solution was provided before the deadline and Monckton claimed that he had to sell his modest mansion to pay for the prize. That turned out to be a lie, intended to promote sales of the puzzle.

The post's title is taken from Start The Revolution Without Me (or possible History of the World: Part I). Reading about Monckton's pseudo-tribulations reminds of the former's hilarious imbroglio, based upon the classic movie chestnut of aristocratic and peasant babies switched at birth.

One aspect of human nature that the film satirically explores is that human beings have the tendency to fight change to the point of being stupid and short-sighted, despite the seriousness of the situation. The Corsican Brothers and King Louie VI give the audience great examples of this.

Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland do a terrific job portraying the very different sets of twins, as both sets go through different adventures, fully showcasing their comedic talent and chemistry with each other. [...] Claude and Charles have an easier time pretending to be noblemen, and sort of roll with the punches, adapting their plan as they go, while Philippe and Pierre can't pretend or adapt at all, and wind up in the insane asylum for a while, a dirty and uncomfortable place for these noblemen.


"Sire, sire! The people are revolting! Yes, and they stink too!"

Viscount Monckton, snake-oil salesman of "nobility" and mouthpiece for privileged interests in maintaining the status quo.


leftdog said...

Christopher Monkton, 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, Fourth Flapdoodle of Hampton-on-the-Bumlick, fake climatologist, and Pajamas Media correspondent (which makes him a peer of Joseph Wurzelbacher 1st Plumber Wurzelbacher of Holland Ohio) did not like it when those damn dirty Danish Bobbies put their paws on him at the climate conference ... PITY!

opit said...

Did you actually listen to his YouTube video ? Pity. What was said was that the 'goals' were unrealistic and the whole thing was a media 'show op' for Barack. To which I add : I can see that looking at Cap 'n Trade, Carbon credits and more.
But I had a shock a few weeks back that unsettled my comfortable perception of 'climate change deniers' : a nice useful 'Poisoning the Well' frame.
I had known for some time that a science writer that I quip with had extensive reservations about 'global warming. Like most I didn't push it...though I had a copy of a book by Larry Niven from a few decades back which was set 'in the near future' in an Ice Age. But that's fiction, right ? The guy's stories are wild...but Campbellesque. That means written in the tradition of conforming to some sort of scientific plausibility.
Which didn't tell me much of anything. At this point I'm going to cut to a couple of posts around a link I found when researching the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty...because I had been irate at Barack's 'Nobel Peace Price' when I knew standard U.S. foreign policy worked to take the heart out of the Third Pillar of the NPT. That would be recognition of the transparency afforded by the IAEA inspections process and furthering respect for the effort to reassure the neighbours of peaceful intentions : something usually consistent with the incompatibility of reactor and weapons technological processes and specifications. So I'll go to the political perceptions that drove that find.
And straightaway to the same link in a different context
I'm not going through the process of discovery which followed - except to note that I've blogged about it and posts are tagged. Futhermore, Global set up a collection of articles relating to the subject.
One thing is striking in the science posts: the lack of conformity to prepared media programming. That's another subject covered in the Perceptions Alteration file : which is addressed along with other topical headings under Collections Forwarded to Blogger at

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