Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More riveting than the Ol'-lymp-dicks events, actually.

Some court cases are headline grabbers, and rightfully so.

The female ski jumpers who lost their appeal in the BC superior court system aren't going away. They have directed their lawyer to obtain leave to address the Supreme Court of Canada on their behalf.

“We believe our argument has been misunderstood and that a matter of national importance is at stake,” Ross Clark, the women's lawyer said in a news release. “This case isn’t just about women ski jumpers. It is about the interpretation and application of the Charter and whether the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, in carrying out an ascribed activity of government, can be forced by a foreign entity to put a discriminatory decision into effect in Canada.

“Gender discrimination is at issue here and discrimination is something we do not tolerate in Canada. We hope our highest court in the land will take a look at this case and grant our declaration” ...

Good for them. You go, grrrls!

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brebis noire said...

I would love to see women skijumpers at the Olympics. What is this, 1909?

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