Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Fire Michaëlle Jean!

Your Majesty, we entreat you. Fire your representative. Michaëlle Jean is allowing Canadian democracy to become a joke.

Can we petition the Queen?

Or, maybe Ms Jean will admit she's not up to the job of resisting bully boys and resign.

What would happen then?

Oh, look.
A governor general may also resign, and two have died in office. In such a circumstance, or if the Governor General leaves the country for longer than one month, the Chief Justice of Canada (or, if that position is vacant or unavailable, the senior Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court) serves as Administrator of the Government and exercises all powers of the Governor General.

Hmm. I'd betcha Madame Justice McLachlin wouldn't get pushed around.

And she has experience as Administrator of the Government.
When Governor General Adrienne Clarkson was hospitalized for a cardiac pacemaker operation on July 8, 2005, Justice McLachlin served as the Administrator of the Government and performed the duties of the Governor General, including giving royal assent to the Civil Marriage Act, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in Canada. She relinquished that task when the Governor General returned to good health in late July.

And if the Queen did step in, wouldn't it be lovely to hear the shrieks of 'Butbutbut, Canada is a DEMOCRACY!' from the Reformatories?



There is one thing that maybe people have not noted.
What country before Afganistan recieved the most foreign aid from Canada, but now is in second place?
What country is the GG from?
I do not believe the GG would want to upset to government.

Anonymous said...

Good Idea. She agreed with a PHONE CALL??? My god. Talk about "being in his pocket".

Anonymous said...

I agree that this GG she should be fired. Is she intimidated by Harper or is there some other reason why she seems to have no concerns abetting him to thumb his nose against the will of Parliament.

If someone starts a petition to the Queen to remove her, there will be likely be many who will sign this document, regardless whether it is likely to be successful or not.

Berlynn said...

In my email message to the GG, I asked her to kindly step down.

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