Saturday, 28 November 2009

Won't teabaggers please think of Ronald Reagan?

Today C. C. reminds us once again why we hold lying neocon christofascist rightwingnutters in such contempt. In this opinion piece, Kathleen Parker presents a lucid exposé on the derailment of the US Republican party at the hands of 9/12 pledgers and teabaggers.

You may remember that
Parker broke rank with her conservative peers and was one of the first to suggest that Empress Palin had no clothes. No, it wasn't the v-p wannabe's MILF mojo she held up to scrutiny, it was Sarah's lack of experience, competence, expertise and knowledge for the job.

Unfortunately for Palin's rabid acolytes and groupies, they couldn't dismiss Parker's criticism as the bitter, envious verbiage of a lonely, single, unattractive, man-hating socialist harridan. As for her feminist creds ... though not a card-carrying sister, her analysis is relevant.

Oh Dodo? Doesn't this contradict your theory about Palin's detractors?

Ronald Reagan. Oh yes. Somebody thought of submitting to the Purity Test the political positions of the Republican president that some US conservatives consider the saviour of the GOP. Guess what? Reagan doesn't pass it. Ha!


bondwooley said...

It's time for Palin, the teabaggers and all the other loud mouths spewing moronic bumper-sticker-phrases to go away. Unfortunately, their anger is going to have to me met with our anger and actions.

At least that has started:

CK said...

I guess ol' Bonzo ain't gonna be remembered as a hero for the right wingnuts no more.

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