Sunday, 8 November 2009

Why I Am a Feminist: Part 4,503,071

Dr Pale informs us:
Here in Canada, The PM says Women are a left wing fringe group.

According to Texas Republican Pete Sessions, Women should pay more for health insurance, because also according to him, being a woman is a bad decision. Like smoking.

Not only is being a woman a bad decision, it is a toxic pre-existing condition.

I called it here.
So, they'll shriieeeek and stamp their tiny feet and squeal about 'our tax dollars funding the murder of baybeez' and all you medically bankrupt Americans and all you future ones can thank your local zygote zealot for crapping all over any chance for a sane healthcare system in your country.

Or, maybe in the time-honoured manner of all pols, the women and children will get thrown under the bus when the going gets politically tough and reproductive health services will be left out of any expanded coverage.

What actually happened is even worse.

To appease 39 fetus-fetishizing so-called Blue Dog Democrats, a truly evil amendment was included. Here's pro-choice Illinois Democrat Jan Schakowsky, the co-chair of the Congressional Women's Caucus, describing its effects (caps in the original):
This amendment goes far beyond current law which already bans the use of federal funding for abortions. It goes far beyond the language already in this bill that guarantees no federal dollars are used for abortion. This amendment says that a woman CANNOT purchase coverage that includes abortion services using her own dollars; middle class women, using exclusively their own money will be prohibited from purchasing a plan including abortion coverage in every single public OR PRIVATE INSURANCE PLAN in the new health care exchange. Her only option is to buy a separate insurance policy that covers only abortion – a ridiculous and unworkable approach since no woman anticipates needing an abortion. This amendment is a radical departure from current law and will result in millions of women losing coverage they already have.

This health reform bill is about improving access to care, not further restricting a woman's right to choose. Our bill is about lowering health care costs for millions of women and their families, not further marginalizing women by forcing them to pay more for their care. This amendment is a back door way of overturning Roe v. Wade; it is a disservice and insult to millions of women throughout our country. I urge my colleagues to vote against this amendment.

Unfuckingbelievable. And it is exactly what the Catlick wing of USian Christofascists wanted.

I actually agree with Rethuglican Sessions -- being female is the worst decision I ever made.

One more thing -- FUCK YOU, first female Speaker of the US House.


JJ said...

Yes, this bill does some good things, so in that way I'm glad they got it passed, but what a cost.

Someone at FDL put it well -- words to the effect of, "It's like winning a war, but half your friends are dead".

Pseudz said...

More than half.

Anonymous said...

We're making progress Fernie...

fern hill said...

I get a diminutive and a CAP. What is your point, Anonymous?

Bina said...

And who the fuck are "we", and what is this "progress" of which it speaks?


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