Friday, 13 November 2009

Oh my MAD.

DJ! has learned, via Broadsides, that Sarah Palin has been cartoonified by MAD magazine. Some may think that's a good thing; any kind of exposure (ahem!) will help the wannabe presidential candidate with her campaign.

I dunno. How far can that MILF mojo Palin has going for her be pushed with the Glenn Beck freaks, teabaggers, the rightwingnutters and the fundamentalist religious zealots before it becomes a liability?

MAD Magazine has a history of savagely parodying US political figures, as well as pop cultural icons - mostly in the entertainment business. Nobody is safe from the snarkiness and silliness that the publication's creative team produces year after year.

Comics historian Tom Spurgeon picked Mad as the medium's top series of all time, writing, "At the height of its influence, Mad was The Simpsons, The Daily Show and The Onion combined." Graydon Carter chose it as the sixth best magazine of any sort ever, describing Mad's mission as being "ever ready to pounce on the illogical, hypocritical, self-serious and ludicrous" before concluding, "Nowadays, it’s part of the oxygen we breathe."

Joyce Carol Oates called it "wonderfully inventive, irresistibly irreverent and intermittently ingenious American." Monty Python's Terry Gilliam wrote, "Mad became the Bible for me and my whole generation."

As Antonia says, the next three years are going to be fun. And funny: ha-ha & weird.


Anonymous said...

Palin is also going on Oprah! I hope Oprah makes fun of her.

deBeauxOs said...

That won't be necessary. Remember the interview with Katy Couric?

Even when she's pitched straight-forward questions, Palin's narcissism and ignorance is on display.

Blunder Woman indeed.

Bina said...

Sarah Palin is her own best parodist.

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