Monday, 9 November 2009

Dear Sarah

I love Carl Hiassen. Go read his hilarious piece, 'Confidential response of Sarah Palin's book editor to the first draft of her upcoming memoir, ``Going Rogue'''.

A taste:
Dear Sarah,

Thank you for turning in the manuscript so quickly. I thought only Stephen King could crank out 400 pages in four months! Seriously, there's some terrific material here, and all of us at Harper Collins are thrilled to be publishing your life story.

Before we move ahead, the fact-checking department has asked me to pass along a few notes and comments that may require some revisions on your part.

1. Eric Clapton spells his last name with a C.

More significantly, his publicists tell us that you were not the inspiration for Layla, and that he doesn't recall ever having an affair with you.

Is it possible you've got him confused with another rock star?

h/t LuLu at Canadian Cynic.


West End Bob said...

Hiassen is great - his character development is not to be believed! When I saw his piece last week I was ROFLMAO!

Thanks for spreading it around . . . .

fern hill said...

Hiya, West End Bob. I was delighted to find out that he's a columnist. I knew only his books. His sense of comedic timing is fabulous. In one book (sorry, can't remember which) on page 1, he starts setting up an absolutely idiotic situation and you know it's going to wind up in a hilarious disaster. It builds and builds and by page 3 I was weeping with laughter.

Gord bless Carl Hiaasen.

CK said...

I loved it!
RE: #14, perhaps PM Tony Orlando didn't realize that Tony Blair ran off with Dawn or something along those lines.

On a slight serious note: Some trivia for the baby boomers or subsequent generations viewing this.

Derek And The Dominoes "Layla": Eric Clapton wrote that for Patty Boyd, George Harrison's wife at the time.

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