Sunday, 11 October 2009

National Equality March Rocks!

Leah McElrath Renna was there and says:
I was wrong. I doubted. I didn't think it would, but the National Equality March rocked.

She lists chant and signs. This is my fave:
Signs (several of these, but all appeared homemade): "Jesus Had Two Dads and He Turned Out Fine."


Kelseigh said...

Hold on, didn't this Jesus chap get in trouble with the law?

deBeauxOs said...

Kelseigh, what are you, some agnostic or atheist party pooper?


Just go with the semi-sacrilegious, secular flow, OK?

Beijing York said...

The fundies responses on youtube are entertaining.

fern hill said...

I can't read the comments at youtube. They are mostly so illiterate as to be incomprehensible. I'll have a look though. The oncoming headache is on you Beijing York. ;)

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