Sunday, 4 October 2009

MSM: All the facts that fit our agenda

Here we go again with the fake pregnancy centres.

From The Globe and Mail (links added):
The William H. Donner Awards for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services will be presented in Toronto on Oct. 16. The awards are hard to get: More than 500 social services agencies entered this year's competition, which will issue nine prizes worth a total of $60,000.

The Fraser Institute, the Vancouver-based think tank that administers the awards on behalf of the Donner Foundation, subjects contenders to rigorous assessment, grading them on 10 attributes (among them: the volunteers they use and the results they get).

The finalists in the category 'Counselling/Crisis Services' are:
Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre offers support and assistance to anyone "facing an unplanned pregnancy or experiencing post-abortion stress."

London Crisis Pregnancy Centre* in Ontario provides "practical and spiritual help" to women with an unplanned pregnancy, including abortion alternatives.

Sarnia-Lambton Rebound, in Ontario, operates court-approved programs for young people in trouble with the law.

OK, with the frikken Fraser Institute involved, this information about The Donner Canadian Foundation shouldn't come as a surprise:
The Donner Canadian Foundation was established in 1950 and for 43 years was a typical, uncontroversial Canadian charitable fund. In 1993, the conservative American Donner heirs who control the foundation changed its primary focus to that of supporting conservative research. From 1993 to 1999, under the leadership of executive directors Devon Gaffney Cross and then Patrick Luciani, the foundation provided the seed money to start several conservative Canadian think-tanks and publications, and became the "lifeblood of conservative research" in Canada. In 1999, the American Donner heirs who control the foundation began donating more of its money to land and wildlife conservation, international development, medical research and the arts, reducing funding of conservative research (though it is still one of the most generous benefactors to the right in Canada).

It would be nice, wouldn't it, if the dam MSM would mention the little fact that this is not a 'typical, uncontroversial Canadian charitable fund'?

(I left a comment at the Globe link. First time for me and I hadda register. I was so agitated, I didn't proofread properly. From now on, look for comments by 'fer nill'. *headslap*)

BTW, Calgary Pregnancy Care won a Donner award last year.

*That link for the London outfit is just a page-holder without a 'mission' statement. But it is listed here.

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Renee said...

Spiritual help != practical help. Also, didn't the Donner party eat their dead? So many possible jokes.

Atheistic mumbling aside, if they're proving spiritual help, I sure hope they're not getting any government funding.

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