Saturday, 24 October 2009

DJ! Wins Prestigious Award!

Yesterday I discovered a very funny blog called Bionic Liberal: The Imagined Blog World of Michael Ignatieff when the post announcing the Bionic Liberal Blog Awards popped up in the side-bar at ProgBlogs.

Here's how the awards work according to Fake Michael Ignatieff:
There will be no nominations and no voting because that's how I roll. Nominations and voting only serve to make the losers more bitter and the winners more unbearably smug. No, none of that ego-damaging peer group popularity contest nonsense here at the Bionic Liberal Blog Awards. I'll just randomly choose the winners in categories I'll invent off the top of my head. Just because I can. Awards will be announced tomorrow. Sometime. Whenever I wake up and get myself together.

True to his word, the winners have been posted.

With a disclaimer:
Disclaimer: Award winners will not be publicly named herein because true excellence is it's own reward. You can see who the lucky winners are by clicking the category links. There are a lot of bloggers not included in the list that we enjoy and feel are also worthy of recognition but one only has so much brain power on a Saturday morning to come up with ideas for clever categories. Therefore we declare this to be an open source award and we offer it up to anyone who blogs. You showed up, you banged your keyboard, poured out your heart, your soul, your humour, your intelligence, your frustration, your very life essence. So give yourself an award. You deserve it. Feel free to grab the graphic and post it on your blog's sidebar. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done by linking your award graphic to the blog post you wrote this year that you're most proud of.

The categories are a hoot. But his choice of winners is even funnier. I actually snorted out loud (is SOL an approved acronym?) at the winner of 'Blogger Who Most Reminds Us Of Our Favourite High School Social Studies Teacher'.

Go. Have a giggle.

But I want to say how surprised I was that DAMMIT JANET! made the list. And how pleased I am at the category Fake Iggy put us in.

There are no comments at Bionic Liberal. So I'll say it here: Thank you, Bionic Liberal. You're going in the blogroll here.


Scott Tribe said...

I kind of liked that award (I think).

Lindsay Stewart said...

Damn :-(

I thought we were shoo-ins for...

Blogger Most Likely To Play Nice With Others

fern hill said...

They're fun, aren't they? I hadda think too. Is this a good thing? I decided it was.

Scott Tribe said...

Pleased to see my particular award made you laugh... I'm all for spreading humour.

fern hill said...

Lindsay Stewart: Well, you know these blog awards are sometimes totally inscrutable. Like when a self-proclaimed non-feminist comes in second in the dreaded feminism category. ;)

Scott Tribe: :D

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