Thursday, 29 October 2009

Couple of Updates

I've been remiss. There have been developments in two stories I was following here at DJ!

First, the bizarre case of self-abortion in Australia. Some charges were dropped and I was hoping the rest would be too. But, sadly, no. The young couple will face trial at some unspecified date. They are out on bail.

Next, the very sad case of Harlan Drake, who shot and killed two men in Michigan, one of them -- to the delight of the pro-liars -- an anti-abortion zealot, is back in the news. A month ago, he had been found not competent to stand trial, and was sent to a psychiatric institution for treatment. Apparently, he has responded well. He has now been deemed competent.

The prosecutor says that a notice of insanity defense has been filed.

I want to hear his reasons, such as they might be given his disturbed state of mind, for shooting a gravel-pit owner and an anti-abortion nut.

The fetus fetishists are having parties in their pants anticipating any suggestion that the accused holds 'pro-abort' views. Because, you know, that would totally and absolutely even things up on the 'who's more violent than who?' debate.

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