Friday, 23 October 2009

Canadian Blog Awards: "'Gay life' is not political"

Geniuses at the Canadian Blog Awards have changed the wording slightly in their list of categories.

These are the two changes.
GLBT All blogs that write about GLBT life are eligible for this category.

Political All blogs that write about political issues are eligible for this category.
Examples of blogs eligible for this category include conservative, feminist, non-partisan, and progressive blogs*.

Feminazis have been taken out of GLBT and tossed in with all the other political bloggers.

Here's the GLBT description as it was:
GLBT All blogs that write about GLBT life, and blogs devoted to sexual equality are eligible for this category.

So, my question is: do political AND gay blogs like Slap Upside the Head and Montreal Simon fit in the political category or in the 'gay life' category?

Vexing, innit?

Methinks they've opened another

*That link in the quote takes you to an explanation. A weasly explanation.


Pale said...

BWHAHAHHA. Again? HOLY ca ca.
Ah well. Typical crap from the boyz and their wingnut freinds.
Reminds me of the Dems sucking up to Olympia Snowe.
That and the spine flu problem. Sheeesh.

Saskboy said...

I noticed that too, you make a good case for us removing the GLBT category too and making it part of political. I think there are quite likely enough GLBT blogs in Canada, however, that do not focus on political aspects of being a homosexual, and instead on the cultural aspects. But then we have a category already for culture.

Where do you think GLBT fits better since you're the self proclaimed experts in this matter?

fern hill said...

Where did anyone here claim to be an expert, Sasktoy?

I -- and many others -- just fail to understand why this is so hard for you guys. Why is the F-word so toxic to you? Or, as Pale says, maybe it's just that it's toxic to the rightwingnuts you're so anxious to be collegial with.

You and the boyos, like Stephen Harper, apparently see women and women's issues as some kind of marginal fringe.

For the third year in a row, you've fucked up. A blog award that marginalizes a large number of excellent bloggers makes itself irrelevant.

And we're fine with that.

Anonymous said...

Saskboy isn't progressive, I don't know why the PB aggregator has not yanked him, seems the boys club there is strong too, rather sad, but not surprising from a right-wing greenie.

Saskboy said...

Ha, I have people here claiming I'm not progressive enough, and people on facebook saying I'm not conservative enough, I must be a rather excellent moderate.

deBeauxOs said...

Someone here claimed that you, saskboy. are not progressive enough?!?!?

I must ban that someone forthwith!!!

Pale said...

I never think of sasktoy as progressive or a moderate.
One has to actually have a moral stance on like...Anything... to be called either.


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