Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Paging Dr Bauer!

Cameron Holmstrom at Dispatches by Northwestern Lad called it exactly right. This is is perfect person to stand up for healthcare reform in the US.

Yes, Kiefer, please go on Rachel's show.


Jennifer Smith said...

Hey man - I called it too! Just not... you know... on my blog. But I left comments!

fern hill said...

Well, Jennifer, I didn't think of it, but when I saw Cameron's post I thought, 'Of course!!!'.

Comments are good.

You think he'll go on Rachel's show?

Tommy would want him to, I think.

Jennifer Smith said...

Oops! That clip she showed was actually recorded three years ago as a Tommy Douglas tribute for the 2006 NDP Convention. Oh well. Hopefully Rachel's pleas will out him on the current crisis.

deBeauxOs said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Kiefer spoke on the topic. He has participated in rallies in Canada in support of public health care, alongside his mother Shirley Douglas. He is fiercely protective of his relationship with his grandfather and was very candid in an interview for The Actor's Studio about the positive influence Tommy Douglas had on his childhood.

However Sutherland has only spoken about two issues that have some political punch and both were in the context of "24".

One concerned the producers' commitment to reducing global warming by making its production as green as possible. The other event was a reminder to viewers that "24" was entertainment, not a news documentary and that the show did not endorse terrorism, torture, blowing up planes with atomic bombs or any of the various plot devices used in the TV series in real life.

So his contractual obligations may not allow him to speak about other political controversial questions.

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