Thursday, 24 September 2009

Michigan Murders: Locals Respond to Congressional Honour

The local paper, Argus Press, reports on the resolution in the US Congress 'honouring' murdered abortion-activist, James Pouillon.

The report notes that the other victim, businessman Mike Fuoss, was not mentioned.

There are comments, some at least seemingly from locals. Most of them are not very positive about Mr Pouillon's contribution to the community.

It seems the canonization drive is somewhat stymied.

Here, BTW, is what Pouillon's daughter (or someone using her name) had to say:
Mary Jo Pouillon wrote on Sep 24, 2009 10:32 AM:
" It was more than just a random drive by shooting, and this is why my dad is being honored. I'm sorrty that another man was murdred also, but he was not murdered for his beliefs. My dad was a GOOD man and a wonderful father! I am sick of being forgoten in all of this. I miss him a lot! I read the paper, I read the comments people leave. I have been orphaned. How would you feel if you were in my shoes? I LOVE MY DAD! He stood up for the Gospel, he stood up for the innocent being led to slaughter, and he ALWAYS stood up for me! He never missed a visitation, never missed a child support payment (they came directly out of his pay before he got his check), he never missed a track meet. He helped raise his grandchildren for 2.5 years. He made more sacrafices in his life then should be expected from a person. Do not try to tell me he was anything but a good man, you never lived with him. You never had him fly to CA to watch you compete. You never had him give you a vehicle to go to college. You never had him pay your remaining tuition. You never watch him shop at Goodwill so you could buy brand new. You never had him scratch your back when you didn't even ask. Enough is enough. Let my dad rest in peace, and PLEASE let me live in peace! "

Live in peace, eh? Quite unlike your father's attitude, Mary Jo.


croghan27 said...

What college/university did she attend that 'her dad' had to suffer so for her to attend.

She should not have missed so many classes. That would have respected him.

(Either that, of the whole thing is a major put up.)

Kelseigh said...

I do have to wonder if that's legit, what with "...never missed a child support payment (they came directly out of his pay before he got his check)..." Either that, or she's really bad at making people look good.

Bina said...

Sounds to me like someone's college tuition was a waste of money. Could she not have learned to spell in all that time--assuming it's really her and that everything she says is true?

Frankly, I have trouble believing that a man who stands out in front of a school, harassing the students with intentionally scary signs, is anything but a harasser who doesn't care whom his crazy actions hurt. That doesn't sound like "caring" or "sacrafice" (sic) to me.

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