Monday, 21 September 2009

Jill Stank: Now Without the Shrieeek?

At first I was puzzled. The byline attribution was hers, but where was the screeching, the fabrications, the hyperbole, the vile and odious propaganda? It seemed deceptively mild, for the operator of a blogsite that JJ at unrepentant old hippie has dubbed "Nurse Stanek’s Psych Ward" and other appropriate epithets.

Ah-ha. It appears she craves credibility. So she cranked down the religious rightwingnutter zealotry in order to pass herself off as a sane opinionator for Opposing Views.

But try as she might, she still couldn't resist a number of jabs and thrusts at pro-choicers. The mask slipped, and the habitual hostilities were expressed.

If you'd prefer to read a more balanced review of Irene Vilar's memoirs 'Impossible Motherhood', one can be found here.

As press on the book has begun to leak out, Vilar - a literary agent and editor - says she has already sensed "an inkling of hatred."

Vilar has scheduled only closed-door interviews and will not do a book tour. At the urging of her husband, they have made sure all public property records do not reflect her name, so she cannot be targeted at their home. "I am worried about my safety and the hate mail," she told in a telephone interview as her home-schooled children were at work on a painting project.

Vilar's book sounds excruciatingly painful. Not every woman who has endured a love-hate relationship with her body is capable of rising above the forces that have tormented her and in addition, write about these life experiences with the lucidity and compassion that others may find comforting and inspiring.

Oh! Looky here, Nurse Stanek. I blogged about Vilar's forthcoming book. Cue the shrieeeking!

ADDED: LifeShite adds its SHRIEEKINESS.

But dig the title: 'Hispanic Author's New Book Reveals Terrible Addiction, She's Had 16 Abortions'. WTF does her ethnicity have to do with it? Hispanic = catlick = even WORSSSSSE!

I sense a new totally made-up syndrome is in the works: Abortion Addiction!!11!!!!!11!!


deBeauxOs said...

fern hill, I saw the the reference to Liesite but was unsure whether to double whammy this post with two religious lunatic links.

As you said, what does her ethnicity have to do with it unless in the US, there is an implicit and specific prejudice against Latina women and their ungawdly sexuality. Dog whistle for The Fetus©™ fetishists?

fern hill said...

Gee, dBO, now you're being parsimonious with your religious lunatic links? ;)

That idiotic headline just really frosted my flakes.

Lying RACIST liars. Ptui.

jj said...

"Hispanic" author? Her ethnicity is important why exactly?

jj said...

Oops, just read the other comments. We are on the same page, obviously ;)

omg, word verification: TARDS

Bina said...

Hispanic = "them overbreedin' illegals", in wingnutspeak.

The only thing that frightens the wingnuts more than being outbred by little brown Spanish-speaking people, is the notion of having to pay for their abortions through taxes. Even though one would think the two fears cancelled each other out, thus causing nut heads to explode. See Bartcop:

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