Sunday, 30 August 2009

Woman suing Bell Canada for privacy violation.

This was heard on Radio-Canada; I'm not finding any news about this on Canadian English media yet. I'll add a link when I can find one.

The story: A businesswoman in Sault-Ste-Marie is planning to sue Bell Canada because the electronic information she had stored on a cell phone that she returned to one of their service outlets was not deleted. She says a sales rep told her the crushed phone could not be repaired and was assured it would be destroyed.

She reports that she received an email from a woman in the US who had purchased a phone on eBay. The message told her that her address, as well as volumes of her information were found intact on the cell phone.

The Bell client says that she was relieved that a honest person had purchased the item and contacted her directly. Bell Canada claims that damaged cell phones returned to them are neither recycled nor re-sold.

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