Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Will they or won't they?

Media opportunists that they are, will rightwingnutter Republicans and fundamentalist religious zealots exploit the death of Senator Edward Kennedy to advance their anti-health care reform and socially regressive agenda?

Here's the answer. The mean-spirited, the viciously vapid and from a surprising source, a moderate post. There will be more of course - has Rush Limbaugh yet spewed his loathsome doctrine?

For the record, the Kennedy clan and their dramatic mix of high-stakes philanthropy and public service, corrosive misogyny and outrageous risk-taking behaviour has often made me cringe.

Some whisper it was the patriarch Joe Kennedy's hubris that attracted the kharmic maledictions that has beset his dynasty for decades; a dramatic overstatement perhaps but still ... I sincerely hope Robert F. Kennedy's children and perhaps some of their cousins can redress whatever that cosmic affliction might be; Rory Kennedy in particular shines a bright light in that respect.


AnnieS said...

Dammit Janet, have you read The Family by Jeff Sharlet? A bit of a slog but very revealing.

fern hill said...

I've heard him interviewed. Scary stuff. I should read the book because we've got them here too.

I ran across this lovely piece this morning: Sarah Palin's Facebook Friends Celebrate Kennedy's Death. Nice, eh?

J. A. Baker said...

It gets worse, dBO. Andrew Breitbart has taken to shitting on Sen. Kennedy's corpse via Twitter.

deBeauxOs said...

It figures. A prick like Breitbart would exploit the ephemeral nature of Twitter in order to spoliate and then scurry off like the ratfucker he is.

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