Saturday, 29 August 2009

The whining and the shrieeeking continues unabated.

At Canadian Cynic we learn that it's the
"Lefties" who are manipulating Sarah Palin into acting like a whiny, petulant, irresponsible spambrain. I had no idea we had that kind of power.
Mudflats of course has a crisp and witty response to that rightwingwacko view.

[Ziegler's] primary assertion is this:

"I strongly believe that no public figure in modern America has ever endured more stress, pressure and unfair scrutiny in a more dignified fashion than she has over the past year."

That’s right. Just this week, a gubernatorial candidate in Idaho said we ought to go out and buy “Palin tags”. You know, the $11 hunting tags that you get when you want to go out and kill a wolf with a rifle. He basically said he was all in support of people going out and hunting Sarah Palin like an animal. Then he said it was just “a joke.” Ha ha.

And then there was the pastor who declared in his sermon entitled “Why I Hate Sarah Palin” that he was actually praying for Sarah Palin to die and go to Hell, saying that then she’d get what she deserved. One of his parishioners then went to a Palin speaking engagement with a loaded rifle slung over his shoulder, and walked through the crowd of people. “Good for you,” said the pastor.

And who could forget all the people who called her a Nazi, and the people who showed up outside her speaking engagements with signs saying she was the Anti-Christ?

Oh wait. Those things happened to Barack Obama. Oops.

Go read the whole hilarious blogpost.


Jymn Parrett said...

I find it amusing that the right wing blames virtually everything that goes wrong on progressives, especially for their inadequacies. They are unable to accept responsibility for their actions. It's always someone else's fault, most often attributing their failures to the left.

Bina said...

Next thing you know, the Paliness's ethics scandals will also be the eeeeeeeevil leftists' fault. And so will Bristol's unplanned pregnancy, and Trig's Down Syndrome, and...on and on and on.

I mean, aren't they always? Such powers do we natur-worshiping jezebels have...our malign forces simply overwhelm the "armor of God" that these rightards put on by praying every night and day.

It would be a lot funnier if there weren't so many morons who sincerely believed it.

Bina said...

PS: Just saw that dating video of Ziegler at Tbogg. Yeah, what a great feminist that Palin woman is, picking THAT sexist douchebag. Holy fucking moly!

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