Friday, 28 August 2009

Push-Back Time

Operation Scumbag is now targetting Dr LeRoy Carhart. They've planned a demonstration for this weekend at Dr Carhart's clinic.

But pro-choice people are pushing back. Blogger Kevin Gosztola is there, reporting and Twittering. His blogpost includes a link to this Maddow interview with Dr Carhart.

I'm nowhere near Nebraska, but if I were I'd turn this middle-aged feminist body out again in defense of women's rights.

ADDED: I found this link to ProChoice America's rally for Dr Carhart at JJ's.


JJ said...

This is what we should be doing, all the time -- pushing back. Hard. We've put up with their bullshit for long enough.

BTW, our wristbands are on the way! I've been in touch with NARAL, they had a backlog. I'll let you guys know.

fern hill said...

I hope the backlog was due to MASSIVE demand.

And yeah, pushing back. When do the Canadian fetus fetishists stage their big bun fest in Ottawa? Maybe we should rent some buses for a counter-demo next time. I think I'll go research bus rental costs.

JJ said...

Their little shindig is in May, usually the first or 2nd Thursday of the month. The significance is that it was in May that Trudeau passed the Omnibus Bill, and also close to mothers day (insert eyeroll).

Apropos to my comment above, some astute observations from Amanda Marcotte.

fern hill said...

Yabbut, there's another shindig in early October, timed to coincide with the Merkins, but that interferes with Canadian Thanksgiving. And that one is on a Sunday, so no bussed-in Catlick kids getting some kinda credit. So, maybe an anti-anti-choice contingent might be more potent.

I don't know nothing 'bout organizing shit. (I think I could organize a piss-up in a brewery.) But, preliminary research shows that a day-rate for a bus is $1,000. So, people west of Ontario would be exempt because of distance and time. But couldn't we get several busloads of women from Quebec and Ontario?

A bus holds 40-60 people. So, $20 a pop.

I think I'll do a post about this and see if there's interest.

croghan27 said...


I wrote a letter to the mayor & Council of Ottawa, cc'ed to the Police, asking them to relocate a planned demo in front of Dr. Morganthaler's clinic on Bank Street in Ottawa. I did not get a response from either - but there was no write up in the local papers about any such march at all, either at the clinic or near City Hall (where I suggested they be relocated.) I have supposed that the whole idea was deep six'ed.

The clinic is across the street from my banks so I am in that area frequently and have noticed that the usual picketing is not going on, has not been for most of the summer. Either they have given it up as the bad idea it is, or moved on to something else.

fern hill said...

croghan, they NEVER give up. Maybe they're just taking the summer off. Almost like normal people.

JJ said...

Oh yeah, that's the "40 days for feti" thing where they all stand out there and ululate, speak in tongues and go into ecstatic spasms of rapture and indignance for 40 days straight, 24/7. They take turns -- everyone fills in for specific time slots. They usually have trouble filling all the slots, especially the night time ones, so only the really obsessive ones are out there at night. Sickos.

Ha, I'd love to see them show up and have a crowd of prochoicers filling up the area they planned on using.

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