Friday, 14 August 2009

Of Vultures and Rovian tactics.

Look who just found a way to grab headlines and ooze his way back onto the 2012 presidential wannabe candidates bandwagon. From Think Progress:
Yet another prominent Republican has endorsed former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s astonishingly false claim, which she doubled down on today, that health care reform will lead to “death panels.” At the “GOPAC” political action committee convention in Illinois today, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said that though there are no “death panels” in any legislation, they would probably happen any way...
Mmm. Now if you put the Karl Rove thinking cap on to decode what's happening here, and you try to subsume yourself in that logic, one idea emerges. The concept of "death panels" is one that Republicans find quite intriguing and that might be quite useful to rid themselves of "inconvenient" people - the Helen Thomases, the Jimmy Carters, all the elderly and wise detractors and critics of their political regime.

Remember, that is one of the classic Rovian tactic - engineer a pre-emptive attack on your opponents that puts them in the position of defending themselves. Double whammy if you accuse them of doing something you've done or would do.

A Giuliani/Palin/ or Palin/Giuliani presidential ticket for the GOP? Stranger things can happen - and have.

Bonus reading - wherein Chris Kelly lets you ponder whether Sarah Palin is the new Harvey Lee Oswald.


fern hill said...

What is it with so-called liberals these days? The Dems there, the Liberals here, the fucking NDP too, for that matter. GROW A SPINE, PEOPLE!

I can't believe how they cave to the cavemen and cavewomen every bloody time.

croghan27 said...

You are Fern, as usual, correct-oh-mondo. 'liberals' (as opposed to Liberals) do not know who they are - the conservatives have so demonizied the term socialist or 'leftist' that even such right wing ideologues as Trudeau, Diefenbaker or LBJ in the states look suspiciously radical.

After many years in the (political) wilderness the conservatives have learned to proclaim, shamelessly, what they are - the Liberals do not know what they are and the NDP is trying to coast on what it was (remember the Regina Manifesto and the opposition to capitalism?)

There was a certain honesty in proclaiming anti-captialism and there is a certain dishonesty in searching out 'the common man' (even the 'man' is incorrect) the golden mean or the average 'Joe' (again a gender problem). These are defined by the conservatives and even if they cannot form a government they cannot lose in a game they define.

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