Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Grown-up WIN!

North Dakota is one of those benighted US states with a rabid pro-lie movement. Recently, its legislature passed a law mandating that abortion clinics had offer women an ultrasound -- which they already do -- AND make them listen to 'fetal heartbeat'. The only clinic in the state challenged the law in court.

The judge just ruled.
A North Dakota judge says an abortion clinic does not have to provide audio of a fetal heartbeat for women who want to end their pregnancies.

OK, OK, it's a small thing. But amidst all the batshit craziness going on down there, I need to remark cases of sanity. For the sake of my own.

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croghan27 said...

The RV I was driving broke down in Bismark one time and I was stuck there for a day. What to do in Bismark? sounds like the introduction of a bad joke - but I found the people of the place and all of both of the Dakotas as very friendly, predominately sensible and altogether good people: neither doctrinaire what is called left or right politically.

As in a lot of other places, it looks like the 'once elected I know what is good for you' bunch has taken control of their legislature and is doing what it thinks is the best thing for their constituents - whether they want it or not.

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