Thursday, 13 August 2009

'God help you if you're not white. . . and childless'

The mainstream media -- OK, mainly The Toronto Star -- have woken up big time to the issues surrounding Suaad Hagi Mohamud. Here's Christopher Hume who asks: 'Is citizenship now defined by the colour of your skin?'

Indeed it is, he concludes.
And in Canada today, God help you if you're not white, because the federal government sure won't. Indeed, that government creates these problems in the first place.

Then he speculates:
Had Mohamud been a white mother from Leaside, you can rest assured that Harper himself would have led the charge to have her repatriated.

Meanwhile Canadian Cynic has another question -- one that hadn't occurred to me (emphasis mine).
BY THE WAY, has anyone considered what would have happened if Mohamud hadn't had a son for DNA comparison purposes? What if she'd been single and childless? What then? Because if the assclowns in the Harper government take the position that it was the DNA results that clinched it for them, then they have to address what would have happened if that test couldn't have been done.

Chilling, innit?

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