Friday, 10 July 2009

For Karine, Nichola, Michelle, and ...

The Galloping Beaver: Want your combat team to have an edge? Add women.

Back in April, Dave
wrote a powerful, angry post about Karine Blais and her right to be where she chose to be. So did we as a response to the malignant and patronizing glurge that Michael Coren crapped all over her memory. He and his acolytes of sexist porn-loving, chicken-shit types, have nothing of value to say about military issues because they prefer to bask in the illusion that they're fighting as religious crusaders.

If one is a feminist of a pacifist orientation, one would hope that women would shine as peace-keepers - and they do, as also do their male colleagues suited to these tours of duty.

Nonetheless, female combatants who have the temperament, the finely honed skills and the competence to participate in high-risk missions should have the right to step forward - in Canada, they can and they do.

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