Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Beware the dreaded scourge of Info-Blogs.

Infotainment. Infomercials. And now, info-blogs.

one reads as though it was composed by software, cobbled together by a blog-bot or translated by Babelfish from an extinct language.

A smart, attractive, clever and ingenious beautiful woman Anita Friday, 35 years old was spotted doubling her footsteps to enable her vanish from the large view of gentlemen who were seated outside a popular bar and grill in Toronto. She was not shy looking but smart, cute and beautiful lady who had always wanted to free herself from the trouble of nice looking gentlemen who upon seeing her make advancement towards her and propose love to her. Because of the social, honest, faithfulness, trustworthy and principle instinct in her, it was very difficult for Anita to snub any man who falls in love with her. So she chose an option which was not to snub men but always double her footsteps to vanish from the catch of her would-be lovers.

Huh ... what? It continues in that vein until it suddenly shifts into a bizarre exposition on yeast infections.

I've seen purported blogs that were hosting sites for adverts with content on display that had been taken without permission from legitimate bloggers. But this website ... I'm afraid to click on the sidebar to read further horrors.

So, share your links with the worst of this emerging blight upon the blogosphere.


Kelseigh said...

From the same site, we give verse!

Walt Whitman would be proud.

deBeauxOs said...

Poor old Walt. He would not be amused.

But then again, he was quite the iconoclast so perhaps he would have an awesome poetry blog.

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