Thursday, 4 June 2009

What kind of derangement syndrome is this?

Hate must give one a terrific high. The anti-abortionists can't help themselves from sucking on it. The man is dead, assassinated by one of their own domestic terrorists, fueled by the very demonizing stuff they are still cranking out. But still they can't leave him alone.

I'm going to keep track.

From LifeShite: Abortion Activists Forget George Tiller Killed, Injured Women in Botched Abortions.

From SUZY: Late-term abortionist criticizes George Tiller. (Oooh, that one is particularly juicy. One baybee-murderer criticizing an even worser, more evuler baybee-murderer.)

Their new target can't come soon enough, I guess.

But keep it up, fetus fetishists. Your true stinking colours are showing.

UPDATE: The other LifeShite: Let's get our facts straight about Tiller and anti-abortion violence.

The first 'fact' asserted is that Dr Tiller (though of course they do not give him his title) is the first 'abortionist' to be killed in seven years, so no big whoop, eh? The second is that four times more hairdressers are murdered than abortion providers.

Keep comin' with facts like these, fetus fetishists. I'm sure you're winning hearts and minds. . .

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deBeauxOs said...

There's something about fear and hate that is profoundly addictive. Those feelings stimulate the production of hormones like adrenaline. That explains the hyperbole and the obsessiveness, to a certain degree. It's one never-ending rabid shrieeek-fest and relay; whenever one fetus fetishist starts slowing down, another one picks up the slack.

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