Friday, 5 June 2009


OK, on one level this makes sense.
Two Cornell University studies revealed those who are squeamish are more conservative politically, especially in attitudes towards lesbians and gays. The role of disgust helps human maintain a safe clean environment but is also involved in judgments of purity and morality, according to scientific results explained by study leader David Pizarro, Cornell assistant professor of psychology.

But these are the very people who drive around in big honking feto-mobiles and festoon their blogs with dead feto-pron.

Over at JJ's we're talking about addiction to hate. Maybe hate comes so easily to them because they're in a constant state of ewwwwww.

And for me, the theory doesn't work. I'm squeamish as allgetout, and yet all lefty-like.

(I was going to put a picture of a feto-mobile on this post. I found a really gory one with requisite spledding mistakes. But then, I thought, hmmm, deBeauxOs wouldn't like that. And she knows where I live.)


deBeauxOs said...

Thank you for that, fern hill. If people want to have a look at that feto-mobile, a link should suffice. In fact, I think that JJ may have one in her splendid smack down of Stephanie Gray today.

berlynn said...

Aaaaw, c'mon! We wants da pix!! More pron, more pron!!!

brebis noire said...

Funny fern, I was thinking about this just yesterday. My main thought was: if later-term abortions are so very upsetting to these people (and yet we know how personally distressing the actual situations are for the women who make that choice - and out of concern for their catastrophically deformed fetuses) - WHY don't they just stop thinking about them?
Also - they seem to be the same people who can't stand seeing women breastfeeding in public. Even if the said women are covered up. Just knowing they're there, in public, breastfeeding, is enough to set them off. I'm looking at you, SUZANNE.

fern hill said...

I hadn't thought about breastfeeding, brebis noire. You're right. The very people who make a fetish out of the fetus get weirded out when a former fetus is fed. (Oooh, I think I have the makings of a tongue-twister there.)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm squicked out by people who are so willing to get gross on other people's private lives. I say we wash their dirty mouths out with Fetosoap!

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