Monday, 8 June 2009

Black Versus White?

Not inspired right at the moment to write. However, in the course of looking for something else, I came across this charming photograph.

After I stopped chuckling, I checked out the website where I found it - Molly's Blog is devoted to anarchism, socialism, evolutionary biology, animal behavior and "a whole raft of other subjects" including some very solid writing about labour and union issues from around the world. And of course, Molly's Blog is an affiliate of Progressive Bloggers too.

Good stuff. Does our friend and blogging colleague brebis noire @ the black ewe know about this?


Pseudz said...

Dandy photo DeB<

Thanks. Black looks cross-eyed - perhaps skull-too-small . . . White looks squiffed (with power?)

deBeauxOs said...

All credit for the pic belongs to Molly's Blog who first posted it.

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