Friday, 15 May 2009


Fetus fetishists complain. Oh how they like to complain.

Over at
Canadian Cynic CC connects the dots between the sanctimonious bleating about the lack of mainstream media coverage for the Forced Pregnancy March and blogging reformaTories who don't like demonstrations by brown-skinned people drawing attention to the whole scale murders of civilians in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile Blob Blogging Wingnut parrots MP Bruinooge's prevarications against those who are suppressing zygote zealots and stopping them from speaking out. Rod (Ask Me About The MASSIVE Poll!) Bruinooge conflates a bunch of things which he claims is proof that abortion-criminalizers' free speech rights are being disrespected.

For example, this:
"And although there are close to 100,000 abortions every year in Canada, we actually know very little about the practice. For example, we don’t know the gestational age of the unborn child in over 60% of the cases because abortion providers aren’t required to report this information. Nor are they required to report health complications or the reasons women obtain abortions. Stifling free speech allows the whole secrecy surrounding the practice of abortion to thrive."
Demanding reporting mechanisms for medical interventions is not free speech. What Bruinooge wants is access to patient health information files which are confidential not 'secretive'. If Bruinooge had an embarassing health emergency, for example if a rogue magic bullet got stuck up his rectum and he needed medical assistance, he would certainly be happy that nobody (except, he would hope, discreet health care providers) had access to his patient file.


RevDave said...

This issue is being debated over at Equipping Christians' blog, No Apologies, and I raised exactly the same objection. I'm interested to hear what the response will be.

Equipping Christians is currently led by the former secretary to the parliamentary pro-life caucus.

It would be stifling to order women not to talk about abortions, not to tell women they have to talk about them.

deBeauxOs said...

There are stringent, ethical protocols that are drafted, discussed and approved whenever reporting agencies focus on a specific medical intervention. You can't do it haphazardly and you must have permission from patients, for example.

jj said...

It never ceases to amaze me how little confidence these people have in medical professionals. Where do they go when they get sick, to an exorcist?

Anonymous said...

I know some businesspeople that avoid dealing with the government because of the paperwork. It is bothersome, unproductive, often covered by other means and (the bottom line) expensive.

Every little bit of reporting that a doctor (who is frequently a small businessperson) must comply with makes it just that much difficult to carry on. Perhaps dentist should fill out a report for every tooth they extract?

fern hill said...

JJ: maybe they go to a chiropractor.

psa said...

well perhaps these noble public servants would like to extend the openness, honesty and accountability of medical services to other personal areas. and what better place to start than within the halls of parliament? lets have access to their medical records for the public good.

erectile dysfunction - slap that flaccid fella on the table, let the people decide if one more prayer will help, think of all the procreative juices being bottled up. a sure cause of sperm retention headaches that might lead to poor decisions due to a troubled caucus. vasectomy - let's just do away with this procedure all together since the only justifiable purpose of sexual congress is the delivery of a teaspoon full of potential foeti. anything else is just dirty and sinful but how about we make sure and take photos of the offending member's member to ensure that gawd's tubes and ducts remain untampered. and should a faithless public servant be so vulgar as to enquire, they should have to produce a followup photo every six months until dotage, just to be sure. prostatitis - live webcasts with close ups and surround sound audio. after all the public has a right to know which of our elected members has a hinky sphincter that might affect their ability to, um, do the job.

deBeauxOs said...

Goodness psa, you sure know how to grab the ball and run with it.

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