Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Notre Dame Grad? Be Afraid.

Flaming nutbar Randall Terry has your mailing address.
Some University of Notre Dame alumni are angry about mailings they received from Randall Terry’s organization, demanding to know how the anti-abortion activist obtained their private addresses on file with the university.

Notre Dame officials say they have a strict privacy policy and don’t sell or give away alumni mailing lists to outside organizations.

The university plans to deliver a cease and desist order to Terry’s group, ordering him to stop sending mailings using the alumni mailing list, Charles F. Lennon, Alumni Association executive director, said Wednesday.

But Terry doesn't give a rat's ass.
Terry said his group also has received some angry e-mails and phone calls from alumni who didn’t like the mailings. He shrugged off the complaints.

“We dismiss them as having lost their way. Anyone who defends the premier promoter of child killing is not firing on all cylinders,” he said.

Lest we forget, THIS is why we can't ever let the theofascists anywhere near power. They are doing Gord's work and don't give a flying fuck for the laws of the people.

In related news, go have a look at the fetus fetishists' latest weapon -- Air Fetus!


jj said...

Randall Terry is a terrorist, and by sending things to private addresses he's also sending another message. It's blatant intimidation. What an asshole.

deBeauxOs said...

A terrist asshole.

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